Energy Efficiency

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Moisture Control

Reduce Mould Growth

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Improved Soundproofing

Reduce Outside Noise

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Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF)

SPF is recognized as an industry standard, and keeps pushing expectations for its cost-savings, longevity and durability while adding many other benefits:

Saves Money

Reducing the amount of heat loss through walls subsequently decreases your energy usage and the amount you pay for your bills.


Thermo-O-Flex provides a seamless umbrella over new and existing roof substrates allowing for the best insulation per inch.

Green Solution

With emission reduction of up to 7,000lbs a year Lapolla is the environmentally friendly option for spray foam insulation.


Thermo-Flex SPF (Trademark R) protects your home against moisture and pests and can improve the structural integrity.

About Lapolla

Thermospray UK has been involved in industrial spraying and in particular spray foam since 2008. Our teams are trained and certified to install both Lapolla and BASF open and closed cell spray foams. We operate our own purpose built spray rigs, consisting of Graco A25 spray units. Our operatives are fully H&S compliant, all currently holders of CSCS cards, working at heights with some holding confined space certifications. Thermospray are at home either on large scale construction sites or residential homes, small or large businesses.


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